About the author

Tyron’s love of wildlife was sparked at a very young age, when he would visit his Gran. In the mornings when she would make a cup of tea, Gran would encourage him to stop what he was doing, sit next to her in the sunroom and just watch the birds take turns flittering in the bird bath.

Gran had a passion for gardening and nature, and she gave her grandson an appreciation of both the important role wildlife plays in the ecosystem and their inherent beauty.

Tyron’s passion led him to dedicate over 10 years to the animal care industry as a veterinary nurse, wildlife rescuer and rehabilitator. 

In 2017, he started working in the conservation industry and it was here that he truly realised how misunderstood and misrepresented flying foxes were. When he discovered how much hatred was directed at a critically important native species, he remembered back to those moments with his Gran - how a moment spent sitting and appreciating the beauty of nature could change perceptions and develop tolerance and understanding. How he wished he could learn more about Australian wildlife and their importance when he was young.

This led Tyron to write and illustrate Farmers of the Bush, in the hope that it offers a moment to sit; a moment to reflect; a moment to learn; a moment to understand; and a moment to appreciate nature. This book took almost five years to complete, but hopefully it provides a lifetime of enjoyment.